Healing States Massage


Based in San Marcos, California, Healing States Massage specializes in medically focused massage with tangible results. From post injury and post surgery work, to finer conditions like tendinitis and fibromyalgia, and everything in between, Healing States’ deep therapeutic massage is body work that actually makes change in the body.

Lisa Pattison’s numerous specialties include soft tissue work, therapeutic, deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point therapy, arthritis care, scar tissue removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as different modalities like acupressure, tui-na, and reiki and energy healing.

Her special focus is on post injury and post surgery work. Healing fresh injuries to injuries up to fifty years old and getting you back to full mobility are just a few of the things that medical clients experience everyday at Healing States. Old injuries, sports injuries, and rotator cuff problems are no problem on Lisa’s table. If you are having multiple surgeries, she can work throughout the process with your doctor’s permission, including procedures for broken neck, amputation, pins, plates, and prosthesis.

Since 2004, Lisa’s clients have come to expect more. They are everyone from professional swimmers and Ironman athletes, to amateur sports enthusiasts and golfers, to horse trainers, movers, and contractors, from people whose jobs and hobbies demand more of their bodies to the general public, teenagers, and children.

Having worked on over a thousand bodies, Lisa can feel inflammation and triggers for pain, even nowhere near the injury. She finds the root of the problem and is able to locate the source of the pain is in order to treat and remove it.

A Healing States massage will soften and break up tissue, accelerate healing, increase blood flow, increase passive joint movement in the neck and hips, open the joints, improve flexibility, improve mobility, and open the lungs after pneumonia. It can prevent injury, promote flexibility and strength, and improve everything from constant pain to increased breadth of movement for any physical activity from yoga to sports.